Farewell 2011!

Things have been a bit quiet with a few too many commitments taking me away from sewing. As this is still a fledgling hobby business it often has to take a back seat to other things in life.

To celebrate the support I've had from the people who have purchased items, visited the site and the blog I have discounted a number of products as part of our end of year sale. I'm currently working on finishing off the Steampunk series right now and hope to get the last two patterns online in the next couple of days at which time I will be selling all 9 for $30. However if you are after only a couple of the patterns, you might like to grab them now for $4.

Blog readers, purchase any product today and get 10% off your order if you use the coupon code: HAPPY2012

Most of all have a very happy and properous new year and I hope to see you all again in 2012!



Hi everyone. Thank you for all your comments and entries. As promised, I have consulted the random number generator and this is what it said:

Number 7 - Angelina, congratulations! I'll be in contact shortly to learn your email address and which pattern you would like.

For everyone else, there is a 20% off sale in the shop until June 5th too!


Give Away!!

It is time for our very first give away here at Happy Bobbin. We're celebrating our first dozen patterns in the Happy Bobbin Shop!

The Prize: A pattern of your choice from Happy Bobbin.

If we get more than 150 entries (that is only 30 people if everyone completes all 5 entry options) then we will add more chances to win!

Here is how to enter:

You can enter up to 5 times by completing as many of the challenges below as you like. Once you complete each thing come back here and post that you've done it.
Your comment here is your entry into the prize draw. A winner will be drawn at random using random.org.

1. Post a comment on this post. Yes, that is pretty simple :)

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Competition will remain open until 9am on Wednesday 1st of June, Australian CST.
Time left to enter the competition:

Note: Please make sure I can contact you via your blogger profile, an email or your blog if you are the winner!


Steampunk Butterfly Pattern

Number seven in the Steampunk Series has arrived. This filigree style butterfly design is a beautifully delicate addition to the series.

Just like the rest in the series, the pattern is provided in two sizes. Remember if you have any trouble getting started you can download more consise instructions for needle turn applique from the free section of the shop by adding it to your cart when you checkout.

SALE TIME: There is also a 20% off sale on most patterns until July 5th!!


Octopus Applique Pattern

I really like this new addition to the Steampunk Applique Series. This little octopus is a little quirky, but if you have been following the Steampunk movement you will know it is a popular symbol.

The octopus pattern is provided in two sizes just like all the others and as usual is exactly the same pattern that I printed and stitched up myself so you can see what result you may get if you use the same methods.

Are you contemplating what you could make with some of these designs, or are you waiting for the whole set to be released? (of course there will be a special price available for the whole set if you want them all!!)

PS: I've just updated my personal blog The Quilted Hen with a brand new appearance so please stop by and have a look!!


ATC Swaps


Just for fun, I've created a little activity group to experiment with techniques and meet some new people. Would you like to join me??

ATC swaps are becoming really popular and I thought it would be a great little project to try out some new things. ATC stands for Artist Trading Card, which is a small piece of art around the same size as a baseball card (3.5" x 2.5") - a perfect size to complete in an afternoon - which is usually created to be swapped with other artists.

My aim is to try out something new each month. It might be something I've never done before, or an older technique I can just play around with, and I'll explain how to do each technique then you'll have a couple of months to complete a little piece of art and send it to a partner.

This month the swap is for Loom Flowers. We have 3 people joining in the swap so far, however if you'd like to have a go at the technique but don't want to swap your finished product with someone else you are more than welcome to just try the method.

Sign up for the swap ends on the 15th of April so you still have time to decide if you'd like to join in. You will have a month after this time to complete your ATC and send it to your partner. Head over to ATC Swaps to find out more about this months technique and you'll find a link to the swap signup.


Inspirations Magazine

I've doubled up on some magazines and the benefits go to you. These magazines are the beautiful Inspirations magazine from Country Bumpkin, an Australian Publication. They are called the worlds most beautiful embroidery magazines and it is true. The projects are so beautiful and the magazines are divine to browse with a nice cup of tea.

There are 8 magazines in the shop for between $2-$5 each depending on their condition. Remember these go for around $12.95 new and some are limited editions now which are worth up to $60 RRP. Finish off your collection, or grab a bargain from Australia.


Crown Applique Pattern

As I was finishing off this crown pattern today I couldn't help but think what it might look like as a cushion or a hanging piece in a little girls room. I think I shall have to do up another of these when I have more time in blues or pinks.

This design was created as part of the Steampunk pattern series however I think it could be a versatile pattern. Just like the others, it is provided in two sizes and don't forget if you have any trouble getting started remember you can download more consise instructions for needle turn applique from the free section of the shop by adding it to your cart when you checkout.

We're getting close to our 100th inspiring post over on Quiltopia. I'm considering running a little give away to celebrate, so please check back in the future for that!


Free Cross Stitch Pattern

A new pattern for cross stitch was added to the store today, and best of all... its FREE!

The cameo cross stitch design is based on the steampunk cameo silhouette applique and was drafted up using the same program that I use to make the little free designs on the Free Smapler Patterns blog. It is sized at 54x75 stitches and I think it would look best stitched on a 32 count linen. If you already have some evenweave fabric on hand, you can work out the size of this design when finished with this cross stitch calculator.


Buying Online

Are you unsure about buying electronic patterns in an online store? Are you worried about how to download your pattern, how to get it straight away or even if you can open the file and print it? You need not worry as you can try out the whole process before you make a payment.

There are two FREE patterns available on the Happy Bobbin Website. All of our patterns are in PDF format therefore if you can download and open one of the FREE patterns you will have no trouble with any of the other patterns. Simply add one pattern to your shopping cart, create an account and checkout as normal. Follow the prompts and on the Order Confirmation Screen you will see a download link. This is exactly the same as if you had chosen any other pattern and paid for your purchase with Paypal.

If you would like to view an example of the Order Confirmation Screen you can do so by clicking here.

If you navigate away from the Order Confirmation Screen all is not lost. There is a second download link that you can access for a short time after your purchase. Access the second link through the My Account link at the top of the Happy Bobbin Website. You will see a list of your previous orders. Click "view" next to your most recent order and on the Order Summary Page you will see a download link next to each e-pattern.

If you would like to view an example of the Order Summary Screen you can do so by clicking here.

Of course, if you get stuck or can't access your
download you can send me an email!!


Wonderland Stitchery Pattern

I've had this cute Wonderland stitchery pattern drawn up for a while, but it has taken me until last weekend to get the stitching finished. I absolutely love the white rabbit from this set of 4 designs. I think he's possibly the cutest rabbit I've seen in a long time. What do you think?

Maybe the best thing about the Wonderland embroidery pattern is that each of the 4 designs comes in two sizes. Now that I've finished stitching the smaller size I want to experiment with the larger size and see what else I can make. I have a few more ideas for this embroidery pattern which I hope to share with you soon.

The pattern includes four designs based on Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Caroll and influenced by paper doll styles. The designs are Alice, the Queen of Hearts, White Rabbit and Mad Hatter.

In other news we've also got a brand new Facebook Page. Please stop by and "like" us to receive micro updates, or just show your support!


Perfect Bows Pattern

Today I've added a great pattern to the collection which can come in handy for so many uses. Do you make costumes, clothing, bags, accessories, soft toys? Then you can use this pattern and make perfect fabric bows everytime too!

I love making these bows and then attaching a badge back instead of sewing them directly on. This allows me to mix and match, taking a bow from my garment and putting it on my bag, or pinning it in my hair.

They also look fantastic if you dress them up with some lace. Add it into the seams, or down the centres, or add some dangly beads from the centre join. There are so many possibilities.

I first started seeing this style of fabric bow a couple of years ago when I was heavily into Lolita Fashion and Costuming (or Cosplay), however they were also used a lot on Victorian and Rococo Era clothing. I can also see them applied to Steampunk outfits and many other styles. Smaller fabric bows are ideal for hair pins or hat ornaments and larger ones look great on bags. Soft toys are another application I can think of, but I'm sure you'll have many other ideas as well.

The pattern includes the method I use to make these bows and I've also included instructions on working out your pattern to make any size bow you like.


Steampunk Cameo Pattern

You knew this one was coming, so it is about time she had her debut. Here is one of my favourites - Steampunk Cameo of a Woman.

She is a little intricate, but her beautiful upstyle hair bun with strands coming loose is what I love about this image. Many cameos feature images of older ladies and it is only more modern cameos that feature youthful faces, however this beautiful young woman is a perfect mix of old and new, well suited to join the steampunk silhouette pattern range. I hope you like her.

Just like the other patterns in this series she is provided in two sizes. If you have any trouble getting started remember you can download more consise instructions for needle turn applique from the free section of the shop by adding it to your cart when you checkout.


Happy New Year! + Pattern

Happy New Year everyone! I hope the festive season brought you everything you wished for and you and your family are happy and healthy. If you've got a little time off I hope you've been getting some relaxation in like I have, and hopefully some stitching as well.

I'm very happy to share the first pattern of the new year - Steampunk Airship.

This design is one of my favourites from the Steampunk Series. I love the little smoke trail coming from the smoke stacks. This was fun to design, based on a zeppelin and a sailing ship. The thin areas connecting the ship and balloon/zeppelin are tricky, but can be achieved using the needle turn applique technique. You could also do this using a normal applique technique if you carefully stitch along all the edges. I'd love to see how you sew this one!