Perfect Bows Pattern

Today I've added a great pattern to the collection which can come in handy for so many uses. Do you make costumes, clothing, bags, accessories, soft toys? Then you can use this pattern and make perfect fabric bows everytime too!

I love making these bows and then attaching a badge back instead of sewing them directly on. This allows me to mix and match, taking a bow from my garment and putting it on my bag, or pinning it in my hair.

They also look fantastic if you dress them up with some lace. Add it into the seams, or down the centres, or add some dangly beads from the centre join. There are so many possibilities.

I first started seeing this style of fabric bow a couple of years ago when I was heavily into Lolita Fashion and Costuming (or Cosplay), however they were also used a lot on Victorian and Rococo Era clothing. I can also see them applied to Steampunk outfits and many other styles. Smaller fabric bows are ideal for hair pins or hat ornaments and larger ones look great on bags. Soft toys are another application I can think of, but I'm sure you'll have many other ideas as well.

The pattern includes the method I use to make these bows and I've also included instructions on working out your pattern to make any size bow you like.