Steampunk Pattern

There is a set of Steampunk silhouette designs on the horizon. This is the first - a Fleur De Lis. Best known as the stylised lily from many French heraldic crests, its history and romanticism lends itself well to Steampunk.

The Fleur De Lis pattern is available in the shop right now. The set will contain either 9 or 12 designs which I will release over the course of making a quilt with these designs.

Add the needle-turn applique instructions to your shopping cart as well if you would like extra instructions to help you use this pattern.

What is Steampunk? It is a relatively new branch of science fiction and speculative fiction. It is the imagining of an alternate history where we think what would today be like, if technology had continued its focus on steam power and clockwork rather than advances into electricity. It usually borrows heavily from Victorian era clothing and aesthetics including the colours, textures (wood, brass) and technology.

Find out more and take a look at some photos of some talented Steampunk artisans in their costumes on my other blog - The Quilted Hen.

PS. The photo in the navigation bar (at the top of the blog) is a hint of some of the upcoming designs.


Hoot! It's Woodland Owl

Everyone loves owls right? This is a design I completed several months ago, but I wanted to make sure I was able to provide some good instructions for needle-turn applique as well.

Introducing the woodland owl: He has a lot of love to give so that is why his heart is so big! This guy started as a small sketch in my art journal and was made into a 16" cushion. I loved getting whimsical and picking a couple of unusual colours. Who has ever seen a pink and blue owl??

You can find the pattern with two size options in the shop now. If you would like to adopt the owl in the photos he is also available to buy as a one of a kind original.

Writing out the instructions for needle-turn applique meant that I had to sew up a little demonstration piece, so this week there is a second pattern available and this one is FREE! The instructions are based around what works for me and everyone has their own preferences, but I believe this is a good starting point for beginners and will have you stitching with confidence in no time.

The free pattern is a simple 6" x 4" butterfly who can be sewn up in a variety of ways. Download him by adding the needle-turn applique instructions to your shopping cart and checking out.