ATC Swaps


Just for fun, I've created a little activity group to experiment with techniques and meet some new people. Would you like to join me??

ATC swaps are becoming really popular and I thought it would be a great little project to try out some new things. ATC stands for Artist Trading Card, which is a small piece of art around the same size as a baseball card (3.5" x 2.5") - a perfect size to complete in an afternoon - which is usually created to be swapped with other artists.

My aim is to try out something new each month. It might be something I've never done before, or an older technique I can just play around with, and I'll explain how to do each technique then you'll have a couple of months to complete a little piece of art and send it to a partner.

This month the swap is for Loom Flowers. We have 3 people joining in the swap so far, however if you'd like to have a go at the technique but don't want to swap your finished product with someone else you are more than welcome to just try the method.

Sign up for the swap ends on the 15th of April so you still have time to decide if you'd like to join in. You will have a month after this time to complete your ATC and send it to your partner. Head over to ATC Swaps to find out more about this months technique and you'll find a link to the swap signup.