Suggest an E-Textile Design

To suggest a design just comment in this post. Ensure you have a valid email or website/blog address attached to your comment so that I can contact you if you win a discount voucher!

If I use your design idea to develop a pattern and you are the first to suggest it you will get a 50% off discount voucher for the pattern and/or kit.

Mention a previous design to vote for it and increase its chances of being developed. Anyone that votes up a design after the first person to suggest it will go into a random draw to win an additional 50% off voucher  for the pattern and/or kit.

You can suggest designs for any combination of the following LED colours:

Orange*Purple UV*
YellowTri Colour Flashing (RGB)
GreenOther flashing varients* (ask me)
* currently not in stock

You can suggest more than one design! Your first 5 suggestions will be eligible for the "first suggestion" voucher, and after that additional suggestions will go into the random draw. This condition is to try to spread the voucher love around.

After you've suggested a design, invite your friends to post as well and vote up your suggestions. Remember they'll go in the running to get a voucher too!

This offer does not currently have a deadline. Changes to this offer will be announced on this blog.