About E-Textiles

E-Textiles (Electrotextiles or Soft Circuits) is the name given to adding electronic components to stitched, embroidered or quilted projects. It is achieved with conductive thread which is about the same weight as embroidery thread but has conductive properties allowing the electronic circuit to be completed without the need for hot soldering irons or other complex tools.

LED lights put out a generous amount of light considering their size. When looking directly at the design the lights are bright, however if not in direct line of sight the LEDs provide a soft light which is just enough to see by. Many of my soft circuit designs could be unique night lights for children!

LEDs do not heat up like orginary globes and are being used in all sorts of projects, including clothing. This is a unique way to create a beautiful project, and learn a little about electronics at the same time. They are also a great idea for children who are interested in electronics to safely play with functional and fun circuits.

No prior knowledge required - All Happy Bobbin e-textile patterns come with step by step instructions for completing the soft circuit electronics.

No soldering iron required - sew the circuit with conductive thread.

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