LED Robot Pattern and Kit

This robot design really comes to life with the addition of some LED lights that really light up! You can get the pattern which includes detailed step by step instructions for completing the robots electronic circuit with conductive thread. There is a circuit diagram, and if you are not familiar with electronics, carefully follow each step to ensure your components are the right way around and linked correctly.

A list of the electronic components you need is included with the robot pattern, or you can buy the robot kit with all the electronic bits you need - you just add fabric and a sewing needle! The kit includes conductive thread so you don't need a hot soldering iron or any prior electronics experience.

With a little switch to turn him on and off to conserve battery power, this little guy would be perfect as a unique night light for a childs room, or impress your friends at your next dinner date or LAN party.

We're keen to make some more electrotextiles designs. Tell us in the comments what you'd like to see??