Three More Steampunk Designs

A little bit of blog silence. My apologies!! It hasn't been all quiet though... I got out my steampunk blocks and decided that 9 simply wasn't enough so I made three more.

You can find all 12 of the steampunk blocks in a new 12 pack collection which will net you a saving of $8, or you can purchase them individually.

Number 10 in the series is a partner to the steampunk cameo. The gentleman sports a top hat featuring a cog.

Pattern 11 compliments the crossed keys and features a hammer and spanner.

Lastly, pattern 12 features interlocking c-clips. If your not familiar with c-clips, they are used in conjunction with axles and gears to keep cogs in place and might be found in anything from machinery to clocks. I also like this design because of the shape made by the relief in the centre.

If you buy and use any of these patterns I'd love to see your finished projects! Please leave me a link in the comments.