Key Cosy Pattern

Hi everyone. I'm pleased to announce a new pattern has just been added.

I had this idea on the bus while patting my pocket for the 20th time to check my keys were still there. I've been downsizing my handbag and now only take my purse to work with me. I'm very happy that my mobile phone fits inside my purse making it a compact little unit to carry, however what to do with my keys...?

The idea for a key holder or key cosy apparently isn't a new one, however I do hope you'll enjoy my designs. First up is a little house, perfect for your house key! I have a list of about 30 other design ideas which I hope to make as nice little afternoon projects over the coming months.

You can find the house key cosy in the shop. While making the pattern I ended up making two cosys so I'm offering one for sale as well if you'd like a Happy Bobbin original. Prototype Two is up for sale, though being a prototype doesn't mean he is inferior! He was made to test out the pattern and he turned out great! I'm keeping the first one for now - my very first with all the little errors only I will notice.

Enjoy, and have a great week!
And as always, let me know if you have any problems with the site by sending me an email!